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If you are interested in bringing Sigma Omega Phi to your University or College, contact us via email.  The Sigma Omega Phi Expansion Chair will be glad to share more information on how to become a part of the Sigma Omega Phi family. 

The Alumni Chapter was established in the summer 2000 for our sisters who have graduated from a four-year institute or a two-year vocational program.  Our Alumni provide guidance to our undergraduate sisters, as well as, provide financial assistance for various SOP annual events. We lead at the forefront on overall procedures and guidelines, expansion and financial matters.  We celebrate our undergraduate chapters through our annual "Chapter Award".  One chapter is awarded for their outstanding achievements throughout the year: community services and cultural events held, fundraising efforts, academic success and contribution to the overall mission of the organization.

The Alumni hosts a bi-annual "Honoring Our Legacy, Celebrating Our Future" conference.  Our most honored tradition is the SOP Onyx Scholarship.  This annual scholarship is given to  a sister who is pursuing her Master’s Degree or Teaching Credential.  

The chapter maintains records and provides an avenue of communication for our sisters who have graduated and moved on with their careers and families. 

The Omega Chapter honors our sisters who have passed on.  We carry them in our hearts and remember their contribution to our beloved organization, their community and to the world.

In loving memory of :

Martina Mendoza Alpha Chapter Founding Mother

Eva Martinez, Delta Chapter Beta Class