Sigma Omega Phi

​Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Parents Guide To Sorority Life

Transitioning from high school to a university presents many opportunities, both socially and academically, for your child. One opportunity your child may choose to be involved in is sorority life. We encourage your child to become involved in Sigma Omega Phi sorority, an organizations that creates a welcoming environment in which students from all different backgrounds can succeed. Our sorority offers each member many opportunities to flourish academically and socially. Each member learns to further develop leadership skills, enhance academics, build lifelong sisterhood, and create a foundation for the future. Our sorority also allows members to become highly involved on campus, in community activities, and with other student organizations.

Q: What are the financial obligations of membership?

A: Most people mistakenly believe that being a part of a sorority is unaffordable and a financial burden. Our sorority requires a nominal fee per semester for membership dues. The dues help support the sororities many community based events throughout the year.

Q: Can my child join your sorority if she lives at home?

A: Of course! Many of our sisters live at home as well as on-campus and off-campus housing.

Q: What is Recruitment?

A: Recruitment is designed for your child to get to know our sorority sisters. They will engage in various activities designed for potential new members and current members to bond so your child can find out if our sorority is the right sorority for them.

Q: What are the advantages of being in a sorority?

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Sisterhood
  • Opportunity to give back to the community through service
  • Emphasis on scholarship
  • Social Opportunities
  • Everlasting memories
  • Networking opportunities

Q: Why is the initiation process so secretive?

A: It is understandable that as a parent you might be concerned if you hear that some of the things that go on during your child’s initiation are to be kept secret. Initiation into our sorority is an exciting time and it consists of a ceremony and team building activities that convey the purpose and special values that our sorority was founded upon. However, these rituals should not be confused with hazing, and other inappropriate activities.

Q: How will being Greek affect my student’s grades?

A: Some parents may worry that the responsibilities of being in a sorority might take away from their child’s time for academics. Membership in our sorority is a time commitment, but academic excellence is one of our core values. To ensure all of our members flourish academically, each sister must keep a minimum g.p.a each semester and complete weekly study hours. Our main objective is for each of our sisters to graduate from school with a quality education; therefore, academic excellence is a priority.

Q: What about pledging or hazing?

A: As a prospective member, your child will experience a period of membership education to our organization. During this time, your child will participate in community service projects, weekly meetings, and activities designed to build relationships between them and current sisters. Our sorority does not haze but we are committed to ensure that your child acquires a sense of responsibility and commitment to our sorority.